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Ural Olive model.png
Context typeRare Car
Seats8 seats
Trunk storage30 slots (6 × 5)
Starting health500 to 600 health
Maximum health700 health
Starting fuel200 to 400 liters
Fuel capacity2500 liters
Maximum speedForward: 65.25 kph (40.54 mph)
Reverse: 21.6 kph (13.42 mph)
Steering24° to 48° degrees of steering
Braking32 brake force
TractionTires have traction in snow.
Tire invulnerabilityTires cannot be destroyed, replaced, or removed.

The Ural is a car in Unturned.


It can be found at military locations.

The desert variant is available on the Washington map. The forest variant spawns on the PEI map. The olive variant is available in Russia and Germany, although the coalition variant can be found in Germany as well. None of the variants can be found on the Yukon map.


There are three variants of the Ural, which are obtainable on different maps. All the variants are statistically identical.

Variant Name ID
Desert Desert Ural 55
Forest Forest Ural 51
Olive Ural 136
Urban Ural 171
Coalition Ural 147


  • It is based on the Ural-4320, a 6x6 off-road truck used by the Russian Army.