Police Motorcycle

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Police Motorcycle
Dirtbike Police model.png
Context typeCommon Car
Seats1 seat
Trunk storage12 slots (4 × 3)
Starting health200 to 300 health
Maximum health500 health
Starting fuel200 to 400 liters
Fuel capacity1000 liters
Maximum speedForward: 60.75 kph (37.75 mph)
Reverse: 18 kph (11.18 mph)
Steering16° to 32° degrees of steering
Braking24 brake force
AnimationsWheel turning animation is disabled. Handlebar idle animation is disabled.
TractionTires have traction in snow.
Tire invulnerabilityTires cannot be destroyed, replaced, or removed.
Internal ID: 188

The Police Motorcycle is a car in Unturned. Sirens can be activated with Ctrl, which will also activate the blue and red lights.


It can be found at police stations, and other areas near police.