Police Helicopter

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Police Helicopter
Hummingbird Police model.png
Context typeEpic Helicopter
Seats4 seats
Trunk storage25 slots (5 × 5)
Starting health550 to 650 health
Maximum health750 health
Starting fuel0 liters
Fuel capacity1750 liters
Maximum speedForward: 81 kph (50.33 mph)
Reverse: 7.2 kph (4.47 mph)
Steering16° to 8° degrees of steering

The Police Helicopter is a helicopter in Unturned.


It can be found on helipads.

In Washington, the normal variant can spawn at the Seattle police station. In Russia, it can spawn at the Moscow police station.

On the Germany map, the European variant can spawn on the helipad at Frankfurt Airport.


There are two variants of the Police Helicopter, which are obtainable on different maps. All the variants are statistically identical.

Variant Name ID
Normal Police Helicopter 106
European Police Helicopter 169