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Russia level.png
Game modeSurvival
Map sizeLarge (4096×4096 m2)
Release dateAugust 19, 2016
CreatorsSmartly Dressed Games
Justin "Gamez2much" Morton
Mitch "Sketches" Wheaton
Multi-biome country neighboring Canada. Huge diversity of civilian destinations with varying military presence. Tourist attractions include historical monuments, picturesque countrysides and rock climbing. Recommended for experienced survivors.

Russia is a playable map in Unturned. The map was developed in collaboration with Justin "Gamez2much" Morton, and Mitch "Sketches" Wheaton. Special thanks are also given to Alex "Rainz2much" Stoyanov, and Amanda "Mooki2much" Hubler. It was released on August 19, 2016, as the first official large map. The collaborators can be supported by purchasing the Russia Map Mystery Box.

As opposed to the maps that came before it, Russia was designed with multiple different playstyles in mind. It is also the first official map to include NPCs and Quests, which can be found aboard the Liberator.


The map features locations from three of its European federal districts—Central, Northwest, and Volga—and two Asian federal districts—Ural and Siberia.


Towns and cities

List of marked locations

Name Type Description
Camp Belaya Campsite A campsite located atop a hill, composed of many tents.
Camp Kazan Campsite A campground with multiple lodges, docks, and tents.
Camp Oleksandr Campsite A typical campground with many lodges and tents.
Camp Samara Campsite A large campground with multiple lodges, and a path to a rocky beach area with a lighthouse.
Chersky Farm Farm A small, hillside cattle farm. Although no animals spawn at the farm, there is a water well and water tower.
Firewatch Base Fire lookout The primary fire lookout station. Firefighter equipment and medicinal items may be looted from the area.
Jhavesk City A small residential town, where a zombie boss may spawn.
Keryev Quarry A large quarry, and a hotspot for construction equipment. There is an abundance of metal boulders in the quarry.
Kivgrad Harbor Harbor A large container port that serves as a hotspot for construction equipment and crafting materials.
Krovi Estate Mafia estate The mansion estate of the mafia, and a hotspot for exclusive mafia loot.
Liberator Safezone An aircraft carrier that serves as the Coalition's base and is helmed by Captain Sydney. A hub for NPCs.
Moscow City The capital city of Russia, and its largest city. Contains a variety of different structures, landmarks, and loot.
Mount Nivek Geographic landmark The tallest mountain in Russia, located on its own island. A radio tower can be found at its peak, and a campsite along the coast.
Nordvik Farm Farm A small wheat farm where farming equipment and a water well can be found.
Novosibirsk City A town with a mix of commercial services and high-end housing. A zombie boss may spawn in the town.
Sheremetyevo International Airport An airport, with an airport terminal and large runway. A lot of zombies populate the area, and the hangars are a hotspot for construction equipment.
Silo 22 Military installation A missile launch facility, located in the massive deadzone that covers much of northern Russia. High-end military loot can spawn at the facility.
St. Petersburg City A large city in Russia. There is a commercial district on the north side, and a residential district on the south side. A metro system exists under the city.
Tomsk Farm Farm A large wheat farm, with multiple large buildings including a mansion with a garage, and a water tower.
Vladimir Farm Farm A large wheat farm with multiple buildings, including a mansion and several barns.
Volk Military Base Military installation A large military base, divided in half by a runway. Featuring multiple barracks, armories, hangars, and helipads. A mega zombie can spawn in the area.
Vorkuta Junction Railway A train junction with a railway roundhouse. A Cargo Train may spawn anywhere along the railway tracks that pass through this junction.
Yekaterinburg City A railway town in the autumn biome. A zombie boss may spawn in the area.
Zavod Military installation A large tank factory with a railway running through the nearby area. One of the tanks holds a Cursed Bone inside the chassis.

List of unmarked locations

Name Type Description
Collapsed tunnels Military installation Collapsed tunnels that once led out of Russia. Most have either a police or military presence.
Fire lookout towers Fire lookout Five small towers meant to maximize viewing distance in case of fires in remote areas.
Irradiated bunker Militia installation An irradiated militia bunker, located in a harmful deadzone. Can be looted for American military equipment.
Oil rig Military installation The offshore oil platform is only accessibly via aircraft, and is covered in a deadzone.
Police roadblock Police installation A roadblock along the main road network, with a mixture of police and military loot.
Radio towers Radio tower Three damaged radio towers, which can be repaired and magically-charged.
Scorpion-7 black site Scorpion-7 facility A Scorpion-7 black site and research laboratory, located somewhere within the state of Washington. Alternatively known as the soulcrystal laboratory.
Scrapyard Scrapyard A scrapyard in the autumn biome, serving as a large mechanic shop.
Shingle campsite Campsite A small campsite along the shingle beach, with a couple docks.
Smuggler's cove Geographic landmark Supplies from the Liberator are being smuggled off to this cove.


Spoilers are ahead.
This area contains spoilers. Major lore details are ahead; do not read on unless you wish to read the spoilers.


Thousands of years ago, several Slavic tribes unite to fracture a "soulcrystal", following a horrible incident. The tribes manage to succeed in fracturing the soulcrystal, and each tribe agrees to secretly encase a piece in stone such that no single person should ever know the location of all the fragments. One of the tribes buries their fragment in a tomb guarded by their spirit ancestor, Anastasia. This tribe will later record their history, and this event, through etchings along a hilltop stone monument. The most notable of these etchings is composed of runes representing nighttime, whispers, a harvest, and a soulcrystal.

A few months before the outbreak, Kilroy and his group of British museum curators decode the ancient tribal symbols found at the prehistoric stone monument between Keryev and St. Petersburg while pretending to be on holiday in Russia. While Kilroy is interested in finding the soulcrystal, they believe it to be only of superstitious or cultural importance.


On May 22, at 7:18 a.m., Flight 106 lands at Shereyavo International while on autopilot. The pilot fails to respond to the air traffic controller, so the ATC alerts ground crew to be on standby in case of an emergency. Nine minutes later, it is reported that the occupants were carrying an extremely fast-acting virus that begins to infect everyone in the area. Security moves in to intercept, while everyone else is evacuated to Moscow.

Pavel, the manager of the railway roundhouse at Vorkuta Junction, is woken from his slumber that same day by soldiers. The soldiers have him work the turntable so that they can retrieve a railway gun from World War II, nicknamed Ivan, to use in blowing up the train tunnels in their attempt to trap the infection in Russia. Radio contact is lost with the military squad at 10:25 a.m., although they had succeeded in blowing up the train tunnels. Due to the outbreak spreading the Russian military thin, the Russian godfather orders Artyom and his other mafiosi to capitalize on the chaos.

The President of Russia orders General Boris to launch a nuclear warhead at Moscow in an attempt to destroy the virus spreading through the country. General Boris rejects and burns the order, before cutting communication. Soon after, the Russian military launch an attack on Silo 22 in an attempt to forcefully launch the nuclear warhead. However, the missile was sabotaged by General Boris, causing the entire northern area to become irradiated.

The Coalition

After retreating out of Germany, the Liberator arrives in Russia, and Russia joins the Coalition.

General Roman is assigned by the Coalition to set up a forward operating base in Russia. After surveying the coastline, they choose to secure the oil rig and begin helping survivors. Scouts make the Coalition aware of the irradiated area to the north of Moscow, and reinforcements are called in to help the Coalition build a proper headquarters on the mainland. Several nuclear submarines begin to rendezvous at the oil rig.

A few minutes after one of the submarines dock, the coolant for the reactor runs low. The submarine's reactor overheats, and enters a nuclear meltdown. The oil rig and the surrounding area is irradiated before any survivors could be rescued, resulting in the death of most of the remaining military personnel, and leaving the Coalition with only their facilities already aboard the Liberator.

Related achievements

Achievement icon Ensign.jpg
  • Ensign
  • Rise to Ensign rank in the Coalition.
Achievement icon Lieutenant.jpg
  • Lieutenant
  • Rise to Lieutenant rank in the Coalition.
Achievement icon Helping Hand.jpg
  • Helping Hand
  • Finish a quest.
Achievement icon Major.jpg
  • Major
  • Rise to Major rank in the Coalition.
Achievement icon Mk. II.jpg
  • Mk. II
Achievement icon Cookie Cook.jpg
  • Cookie Cook
  • Try out Sous-Chef Roman's festive recipe during the winter holiday festivities.
Achievement icon Soulcrystal.jpg
  • Soulcrystal
Achievement icon Welcome to Russia.jpg
  • Welcome to Russia
  • Find your way to Russia.


  • It is based on the country of Russia, primarily focusing on the western part of Russia that is a part of Eastern Europe.