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Jetski Orange model.png
Context typeCommon Boat
Seats2 seats
Trunk storage6 slots (3 × 2)
Starting health250 to 350 health
Maximum health450 health
Starting fuel200 to 400 liters
Fuel capacity1000 liters
Maximum speedForward: 63 kph (39.15 mph)
Reverse: 14.4 kph (8.95 mph)
Steering8° to 4° degrees of steering
AnimationsHandlebar idle animation is disabled.

The Jetski is a boat in Unturned.


The Jetski can spawn along coasts and near docks.

On the PEI map, the vehicle can be found at the coasts of Courtin Isle and Souris Campground. In Russia, they can be found at the fishing dock near Camp Kazan. In Washington, they can be found at the docks of Camano Campground and Clearwater Campground.


There are eight color variants of the Jetski. All of the variants are statistically identical, with the only difference being their color.

Name ID
Black Jetski 98
Blue Jetski 99
Green Jetski 100
Orange Jetski 101
Purple Jetski 102
Red Jetski 103
White Jetski 104
Yellow Jetski 105