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PEI level.png
Game modeSurvival
Map sizeMedium (2048×2048 m2)
Release dateMarch 21, 2015
CreatorsSmartly Dressed Games
Loading music"Haven Across"
Sunny island off the East coast of Canada. Several small civilian towns with minor military presence. Tourist attractions include beaches, castles and sailing. Recommended for new survivors.

PEI (an abbreviation of Prince Edward Island) is a playable map in Unturned. Prince Edward Island is located off the southeastern coast of Canada. It consists of one main island surrounded by five smaller islands. The terrain is reflective of a temperate biome with a variety of trees, bushes, and grass, and the coastlines are lined with sandy beaches. A majority of the marked locations on the two largest islands are connected by a main road. Unlike its real-life counterpart, the map has a lot of hilly terrain. The Canadian mainland is visible in the distance, but it is impossible to reach.

The map is primarily focused on player-versus-environment (PvE) gameplay, although the presence of two military locations as well as the bunker at Holman Isle create opportunities for player-versus-player (PvP) gameplay.


Towns and cities

List of locations

Name Type Description
Alberton City A coastal city, with a large harbor. There is a strong variety of different loot that can spawn in the city. Notably, the bank's vault can be looted for militia items.
Belfast Airport Airport A commercial airport, with a police barricade obstructing the runway.
Cape Rock Geographic landmark A geographic landmark, featuring a lighthouse and small parking lot.
Charlottetown City The capital city of Prince Edward Island. It features a strong commercial presence.
Confederation Bridge Bridge A destroyed bridge that once connected Prince Edward Island to mainland Canada. There is a military presence in the area, and a Mega Zombie can spawn on the bridge.
Courtin Isle Island A small, private island with a mansion and a dock.
Fernwood Farm Farm A wheat farm, with a barn and water well.
Holman Isle Island A large island with a militia bunker compound—containing a large assortment of different loot such as high-end militia equipment—and a cargo ship that has been ran aground.
Kensington Campground Campsite A large campground. There are multiple cabins, tents, and docks.
Liberation Bridge Bridge A bridge connecting the two largest islands together, with a washing machine cratered into the nearby road.
Montague City A small, residential town. Although the town lacks more unique loot types, there is an abundance of common civilian loot.
O'Leary Prison Prison A large prison, on a secluded island. There is an RCMP presence in the area.
Oulton's Isle Island A small island with a castle, devoid of any loot or zombies.
Pirate Cove Geographic landmark A small coastal cave. Canadian coins can be found scattered about inside. There is a radio tower above the cove.
Souris Campground Campsite A small campground. There are a couple cabins, tents, and docks.
Stratford City The largest city, with a wide variety of commercial buildings, residential housing, and public facilities.
Summerside Military Base Military installation A large military base, with multiple facilities such as a helipad. A Mega Zombie can spawn in the area.
Taylor Beach Geographic landmark A small beach.
Tignish Farm Farm A wheat farm, with a large barn. The location has both a water well and a fuel tank. There is a small deadzone in the wheat field.
Wellington Farm Farm A wheat farm, with multiple barns and a water well.
Wiltshire Farm Farm A wheat farm, with a large barn, water well, and shed.

Flora and fauna

Marked map of flora and fauna spawns in PEI.

There is a diverse variety of tree genera in PEI. Players can find birch, maple, and pine trees. Birch and maple trees are equally distributed across all of the islands. However, pine trees can only be found on the smaller of the two main islands. The O'Leary Prison island is entirely devoid of trees.

Seven different variants of berries can be found throughout PEI. These berries can be harvested from berry bushes. There will typically be three or four berry bushes growing together, all of the same type.

PEI is home to Cows, Deer, and Pigs. These animals can be found in a total of twelve different locations across the two largest islands, often spawning in herds. Eleven of the spawn areas are found on the larger island of the two, with only a single spawn area being present on the smaller island. The largest possible size of a herd from a single area would contain five animals.

Fauna can be found grazing between Cape Rock and Stratford, just south of the bend in the connecting road. Fauna can also spawn directly west of Stratford, on the steep hills that border the Summerside Military Base. Directly to the west of the military base is another grazing location. There is a large clearing to the north of the road that leads onto the Confederation Bridge, and generally southwest of the main entrance into the Summerside Military Base, in which fauna can be found.

Directly west of Alberton's road intersection are steep, wooded hills where fauna can spawn. There is another grazing spot at the narrowest part of the island, just south of the road between Alberton and the nearby wheat farms. Fauna can spawn about the Pirate Cove, grazing slightly towards the western side of the cliff.

Similar to the Summerside Military Base, there are multiple areas around Montague where fauna can spawn. Directly to the south of the Taylor Beach parking lot is a clearing where animals may spawn, often grazing around the southern part of the clearing. Fauna can also spawn directly to the south of intersection in Montague, in the center of another large clearing. To the east of Montague, just north of the road bend that leads onto the Liberation Bridge, animals can be found grazing. The rest of the area to the north of Montague is rather bare, with only a single grazing spot that is located roughly in the middle of woods between Souris Campground and Belfast Airport.

There is one location on the smaller island where fauna can be found. They can spawn east of the road that connects Tignish Farm to Kensington Campground, grazing by the trees just before the woods open up to the coast.


Spoilers are ahead.
This area contains spoilers. Major lore details are ahead; do not read on unless you wish to read the spoilers.

Sometime in mid-1947, a military official retired from his work and moved to Montague, PEI after the government created falsified accounts regarding two UFO crashes that had resulted from the military firing upon the saucers.

On January 2, 2016, Dr. Behan—a Scorpion-7 employee—was evicted from his home in Alberton for unspecified reasons.

Scorpion-7 originally had a laboratory on the second largest island of PEI, and was working on a DNA splicing project. The local government eventually began investigating the laboratory. On January 3, the head of the facility began making plans with headquarters to relocate to a new facility in either Washington or British Columbia. Some employees, however, were reassigned to other facilities to work on other projects. When Scorpion-7 left PEI, Tignish Farm was built in its place.

Dr. Behan was reassigned to the Yukon facility, to work on a project contracted by Big J. Dr. Behan's dog, Spot, was left with the family that moved into Tignish Farm. Although not all of the family member's names are known, the parents' daughter is named Laura. Laura's family have memories of living in Montague, but are unsure of how accurate the memories are. In actuality, Laura and her family used to live in Washington before Scorpion-7 removed their farmhouse to make a new facility.

One night, a mission briefing reported of a highly contagious virus coming into and sweeping through Canada. Before a sudden termination of communication, the federal government ordered the destruction of the Confederation Bridge in an attempt to prevent the spread of the virus to PEI. A military unit was assigned to the bridge with any munitions needed at their disposal. They succeed in destroying the bridge, but the virus spreads into PEI regardless.

Related achievements

Achievement icon A Bridge Too Far.jpg
  • A Bridge Too Far
  • Fail to contain the virus.
Achievement icon Welcome to PEI.jpg
  • Welcome to PEI
  • Find your way to Prince Edward Island.
Achievement icon Architect.jpg
  • Architect
  • Build a big ol' snowman during the winter holiday festivities.


  • It was the first official playable map in Unturned (version 3).
  • PEI is based on Prince Edward Island, and is a common abbreviation of it.