Cargo Train

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Cargo Train
Train Cargo 1 profile.png
Context typeEpic Train
Seats3 seats
Trunk storage56 slots (8 × 7)
Starting fuel0 liters
Fuel capacity2000 liters
Maximum speedForward: 144 kph (89.48 mph)
Reverse: 144 kph (89.48 mph)
InvulnerabilityVehicle is immune to most damage sources.
Explosion invulnerabilityVehicle is immune to explosions.
Environment invulnerabilityVehicle is immune to damage from zombies and animals.
Bumper invulnerabilityVehicle takes no damage from collisions.

The Cargo Train is a train in Unturned. Unlike other vehicles, trains are unique in that they cannot be damaged in any way. At sufficient speeds, the Cargo Train also has the unique ability of instantly destroying player-built structures and barricades the front and rear bumper may collide with, should the train tracks be obstructed by them.

Cargo Trains are the fastest land vehicle in the game, and the second fastest mode of transportation overall (beaten out by the Fighter Jet). However, it is also the only land vehicle without an emergency brake, and it requires a substantial amount of time and distance to slow down from top speed.

Players can build on the Cargo Train. However, some barricades are restricted and cannot be placed on the vehicle.


Trains can be found along train tracks. The blue variant is available on the Russia map, while the orange variant can be found on the Yukon map.


There are two variants of the Cargo Train, which are obtainable on different maps. They are statistically identical, differing slightly in railroad car configuration as well as appearance.

Image Variant ID
Train Cargo 0 model.png Blue 186
Train Cargo 1 model.png Orange 187