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Germany level.png
Game modeSurvival
Map sizeLarge (4096×4096 m2)
Release dateJuly 7, 2017
CreatorsSmartly Dressed Games
Mountainous country North of Canada. Modernized cities with active military presence. Tourist attractions include breathtaking vistas, hiking the alpine trails and the local celebration of Oktoberfest. Recommended for experienced survivors.

Germany is a playable map in Unturned. It is a large, mountainous survival map, with a design focus on implementing vertical terrain. Germany is covered in a constant foggy haze, and is foggier than other official maps.

The map's design pulls inspiration from multiple different areas in the world. Early inspirations included Alberta, California, Colorado, the Canada–United States border, and Norway. Ultimately, it was decided to base the map upon the real country of Germany. This led to the creation of unique vehicle variants, new road textures, breweries instead of vineyards, Oktoberfest, references to Bielefeld conspiracies, and Neuschwanstein Castle.


Towns and cities

List of marked locations

Name Type Description
Aerospace Defense Complex Military installation A large multi-floor military complex, built inside of a tall mountain. There is a space shuttle silo, and a Fighter Jet hangar bay. Mega Zombies may spawn inside the facility.
Berlin City The largest city, and the capital of Germany. It holds an overran Coalition stronghold, with a sewer system running underneath.
Camp Dusseldorf Campsite A campsite consisting of multiple caravans parked in an ellipse.
Camp Stuttgart Campsite A cliffside campground with multiple cabins, caravans, and tents.
Cologne City A destroyed town that is now a deadzone due to a failed shuttle launch. The location is filled with a military presence.
Fernweh Prison Prison A large prison.
Frankfurt Airfield Airport An airport with multiple buildings. Features a large parking lot and terminal, a runway with two hangars, and a helipad.
Hamburg City A town that has been flooded by after the Rappbode Dam had been opened to maximum capacity.
Limestone Quarry Quarry A massive limestone quarry, with dramatic outcrops and slopes. A hotspot for metal boulders and high-end construction equipment.
Mawby's Farm Farm A large hop and berry farm, with many large buildings such as two berry greenhouses and a mansion.
Moritz's Farm Farm A small hop and berry farm, with a handful of buildings including a mansion and berry greenhouse.
Munich City A coastal town, where even after the zombie outbreak they still held Oktoberfest festivals.
Neuschwanstein Castle Geographic landmark A historic palace, located upon a rugged hill. The entrances have been fortified with metal plates, but the castle grounds can be explored.
Oskar's Farm Farm A hop and berry farm, with a few buildings such as a shed and berry greenhouse.
Ostsee Compound Military installation A small, octagon-shaped military compound. A mega zombie may spawn in the center.
Rappbode Dam Geographic landmark A large dam. A military presence occupies the upper causeway, while the generator room can be entered from below the dam.
Schwarzwald Military Base Military installation A massive military base with a runway and shuttle launch site, located on a mountain clearing. A mega zombie can spawn in the area.
Svalbard Seedbank Seed bank A gene bank located inside of Zugspitze mountain. The predominant type of loot consists of seeds and Fertilizer.
Zugspitze Peak Geographic landmark The peak of the highest mountain. The Syndicate had made their stronghold inside of the mountain's complex cave system.

List of unmarked locations

Name Type Description
Bielefeld-Sennestadt Campsite A forgotten campground consisting of a few cabins, caravans, and tents.
Collapsed tunnels Coalition installation Various tunnel checkpoints once maintained by the Coalition. Airdrops can spawn near the checkpoints.
Radio towers Radio tower Most of the radio towers may contain militia-grade loot.
Railway bridge Railway The railway bridge, with a derailed train. A teleporter coil can be found in a box car.


Spoilers are ahead.
This area contains spoilers. Major lore details are ahead; do not read on unless you wish to read the spoilers.


A hiker falls into the Zugspitze abîme, and gets lost in the caves with nobody aware of his location. Meanwhile, a camper believes they had gone camping in Bielefeld a week ago, but are uncertain of the town's existence and plans to see a counselor. Workers at the limestone quarry discover a dinosaur skull while drilling and blasting. Pedro Riso and Terry Rickster, inmates at Fernweh Prison, befriend each other in the prison yard. Mawby, the owner of a German brewery, manages to mainstream berry cocktails, and other breweries in the region begin introducing berry mixes to their stocks too.


For the first time in weeks, Oskar—a farmer—decides to head into town to restock on supplies and visit Jerry. However, the logger turns back after seeing multiple crashed cars along the way, and zombies eating corpses as they milled around the streets.

The German military begin the initiation of Operation Flashflood. A team is sent with explosives on an away mission to the Rappbode Dam. The dam is crippled, the upper causeway is fortified for the time being, and the dam is opened while at max capacity. Hamburg is flooded, although there is otherwise very minimal geographical damage.

National Redoubt

Orders come in to begin the National Redoubt defensive plan. Military forces are moved to the western mountains, and their ongoing efforts are shifted towards Plan B. Plan B involves launching space shuttles with the supplies necessary to build a teleporter between the Neuschwanstein Castle and a space station. One of the space shuttles launched from Schwarzwald Military Base crash into Cologne. The shuttle was carrying a teleporter coil, alongside some highly radioactive material. The radioactive material causes a powerful secondary explosion that completely destroys Cologne, and kills the squad sent to recover the shuttle.

Another shuttle is airlifted to Schwarzwald Military Base. However, the military base soon falls to the infected, and the Aerospace Defense Center is the only remaining facility that is still operational. A few days after the fall of Schwarzwald Military Base, workers at the Aerospace Defense Complex prepare for the next shuttle launch as needed to get the last few shipments to the station. The last shuttle launch attempted at the Aerospace Defense Complex fails, and the complex falls to the infected.

A group of survivors attempt to loot Neuschwanstein Castle, but are unable to blast through due to the front door. Every door and window appears to be shielded and covered in thick iron plates.

The Coalition

The Coalition arrive in Germany, and create their base of operations in Berlin's mall. They begin to reclaim downtown Berlin, which causes various looters to band together to form the Syndicate. All three road tunnels have checkpoints installed, but the soldiers stationed at the tunnels quickly grow restless from boredom and lower their guard.

A landslide occurs, obstructing the cliff railroad in northern Germany. A passing train is unable to stop before colliding with some of the rock debris, and the train derails. With most of the passengers being severely injured, one passenger heads out to search for help. The train was carrying a teleporter coil.

On June 06, 2017, the Coalition order for a four hundred square meter area in Berlin to be fenced off to facilitate a ten meter deep hole for cremating infected corpses.

Oktoberfest begins on September 22. With the presence of the Coalition bringing stability to the area, several survivors gather in Munich for the festival.

The Coalition continue to fail in their attempts to locate the Syndicate rebel group, and only know that it is near Zugspitze. The Coalition remain on high alert and consider going on the offensive, as they are aware of the Syndicate planning something.

The Syndicate leadership form a plan for raiding the Coalition compound in Berlin, in an effort to permanently drive them out of Germany. They launch their three-pronged attack on the Coalition compound in Berlin. Team A drive vehicles through the two bridge checkpoints into the compound, and provides covering fire from the overpass. Team B enter Berlin through the sewers, armed with heavy weaponry. Team C goes to the main entrances, posing as survivors seeking refuge until they are inside and the attack on the compound begins.

The Coalition compound falls to the Syndicate raid, and survivors of the attack are driven out of Germany. Using the Liberator, they flee to Russia. Pedro Riso and Terry Rickster are on-board with them.

Related achievements

Achievement icon Secrets of Neuschwanstein.jpg
  • Secrets of Neuschwanstein
Achievement icon Welcome to Germany.jpg
  • Welcome to Germany
  • Find your way to Germany.


  • Germany is based on the country of the same name.
  • The map was originally referred to as "Peaks" and "Peaks2" during the development cycle.
  • The camper mentioning Bielefeld in the map's storyline is a nod to a satirical conspiracy theory that claims the town of Bielefeld does not exist.