Svalbard Seedbank

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Svalbard Seedbank
Svalbard Seedbank.jpg
TypeGene bank

Svalbard Seedbank is a gene bank in Germany. It is located along the road that leads up towards Zugspitze Peak. The entrance area to the seed bank is rather small, with just a security checkpoint building, picnic area, few parking spaces, and the entrance itself.

There is a proper security checkpoint inside of the seed bank, with security personnel and a holding area. The largest rooms in the seed bank are used as indoor vertical farms. However, there are smaller rooms that function as civilian living quarters, storage rooms for security and construction equipment, or recreational areas. The northwest corner of the seed bank has been blown apart by the Syndicate. This allows for entering the seed bank via the Zugspitze caves, or vice versa.

The predominant type of loot at the Svalbard Seedbank consists of seeds and Fertilizer. The location can also be looted for low-end civilian items, construction equipment, police weaponry, and prison clothing.


  • The Svalbard Seedbank is a reference to the Svaldbard Global Seed Vault, which is located on the Norwegian archipelago of Svalbard. At one point during the early development of the Germany map, the map had instead been set in the country of Norway.