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Berlin, Germany

Berlin is the capital and chief urban center of Germany. The city is located at the center of the map, along the river. It is just north of Zugspitze Peak, and is is the largest city of any official map. After the zombie outbreak, the Coalition turned downtown Berlin into their stronghold. However, the stronghold has since been overrun after an attack by the Syndicate. There is a sewer system that runs under the Coalition stronghold, which functions as one of the primary methods of accessing the stronghold. Alternatively, players may enter through the elevated highway, as none of the entrance ramps have been fully blocked off.

A teleporter coil can be found at the underwater entrance into the sewers beneath Berlin, which is available from the river. In the sewers itself is the actual teleporter, which can be powered with three teleporter coils. This teleporter will take the player into the interior of Neuschwanstein Castle.