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BattlEye (sometimes abbreviated as BE) is a proprietary anti-cheat software developed by BattlEye Innovations. BattlEye bans will appear on a banned player's Steam profile as a "game ban on record".

In the event of a false positive, BattlEye bans can be appealed through BattlEye's customer support email.


Unturned utilizes BattlEye as one of its anti-cheat mechanisms. BattlEye is only active when playing on BattlEye-secured servers. Servers can be manually configured to disable BattlEye, although this is not the default configuration. The server list provides filters for finding servers that have either enabled or disabled BattlEye.


Starting on November 3, 2022, BattlEye began to issue temporary bans for the use of "lag switch" cheats. As of November 10, 2022, permanent bans are issued for the use of lag switches.