Wind-Up Key Mk. II

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Wind-Up Key Mk. II
Buak Wind Up Key II CosmeticPreview.png
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Item typeCosmetic Backpack
Available raritiesEpic, Premium, Mythical
  • Dynamic
Contributed byToothy Deerryte, Witness Protection, Paulfest, staswalle
AvailabilityBuak Map Bundle, Buak Mystery Box
MarketableEpic, Mythical: Yes
Premium: No
GUID: 2ca986b2599b48a78e3ffcc5b4a12e63

The Wind-Up Key Mk. II is a cosmetic backpack in Unturned. It adds a large, yellow winding key to the character's back. The winding key is constantly spinning.


The Wind-Up Key Mk. II can be unboxed from the Buak Mystery Box, or purchased as a part of the Buak Map Bundle.