Dango Map Mystery Box

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Dango Map Mystery Box
DangoBox 918.png
Holds a random item from the Dango Map Bundle.
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Item typeTool
Available rarities #D2BF22
Internal ID: 918

The Dango Map Mystery Box is a tool in Unturned. It is the mystery box equivalent of the Dango Map Bundle, and does not require a key to be opened.

Drop chances are equalized, meaning that all items have an equal chance to be unboxed, regardless of their rarity. There is a chance for the unboxed item to come in a mythical variant. Potential mythical effects for a mythical item variant include Atomic, Blossoming, Burning, Confetti, Cosmic, Energized, Fire Dragon, Freezing, Glitched, Glowing, Ice Dragon, Lovely, Lucky Coins, Melting, Musical, Party, Pyrotechnic, Radioactive, Sky Lantern, and Wealthy. There is a chance for a bonus item to be unboxed as well.

There is a chance for a bonus item to be unboxed, in addition to the normal item unboxed.


The Dango Map Mystery Box is purchasable from the Stockpile.

List of contents

Icon Name % chance
Dango Glasses 909.png
^_^ Glasses ~7.14%
Honeybadger 116 Dango HB 278.png
Dango PDW ~7.14%
Dango Shirt 915.png
Dango Streetwear Jacket ~7.14%
Dango Pants 913.png
Dango Streetwear Pants ~7.14%
Dango DragonHorns 907.png
Dragon Horns ~7.14%
Dango HannyaMask 910.png
Hannya Mask ~7.14%
Dango Headband 911.png
Headband ~7.14%
Dango NinjaVest 912.png
Ninja Belt ~7.14%
Dango ScrollCloak 914.png
Scroll Cloak ~7.14%
Dango SushiChefHat 916.png
Sushi Chef Hat ~7.14%
Dango TV 917.png
TV ~7.14%
Dango CargoSalamander 905.png
Cargo Salamander ~7.14%
Dango DualKatanas 908.png
Dual Katanas ~7.14%
Dango DJ 906.png
DJ Helm ~7.14%
Mythical star.png
Mythical variant 3%
Scrap 844.png
Bonus item 10%