Carbon Fiber Mystery Box

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Carbon Fiber Mystery Box
Mystery Box 2 577.png
Item typeTool
Available rarities #D2BF22
Internal ID: 577

The Carbon Fiber Mystery Box is a tool in Unturned. It can be opened with a Mystery Box Key.

Drop chances are weighted, meaning that it is more likely for a player to unbox a lower rarity item than a higher rarity. There is a chance for the unboxed item to come in a mythical variant. Potential mythical effects for a mythical item variant include Bubbling, Burning, Cosmic, Electric, Energized, Freezing, Glitched, Lovely, Musical, Shiny, and Wealthy.


The Carbon Fiber Mystery Box was originally available as a random playtime drop. However, it has since been retired from the playtime drop pool.

List of contents

Icon Name % chance
Timberwolf 18 Chamsai 1024x1024 43.png
Chamsai Timberwolf 9.375%
Eaglefire 4 Corrosive 1024x1024 20.png
Corrosive Eaglefire 9.375%
Sabertooth 1018 Digital 64x64 48.png
Digital Sabertooth 9.375%
Ace 107 Inferno 14.png
Inferno Ace 9.375%
Cobra 99 Nightfall 33.png
Nightfall Cobra 9.375%
Crossbow 346 Tiger 1024x1024 18.png
Tiger Crossbow 9.375%
Bluntforce 112 Wireframe 41.png
Wireframe Bluntforce 9.375%
Launcher Rocket 519 Worksite 16.png
Worksite Rocket Launcher 9.375%
Peacemaker 1024 Blueprint 15.png
Blueprint Peacemaker ~6.67%
Honeybadger 116 Quasar 25.png
Quasar PDW ~6.67%
Katana 1036 Rainbow Vertical 8.png
Rainbow Katana ~6.67%
Grizzly 297 Darkheart 30.png
Darkheart Grizzly 2.5%
Zubeknakov 122 Orbital 40.png
Orbital Zubeknakov 2.5%
Mythical star.png
Mythical variant 3%