Arms Shipment Mystery Box

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Arms Shipment Mystery Box
Mystery Box 10 725.png
Item typeTool
Available rarities #D2BF22
Internal ID: 725

The Arms Shipment Mystery Box is a tool in Unturned. It can be opened with a Mystery Box Key.

Drop chances are weighted, meaning that it is more likely for a player to unbox a lower rarity item than a higher rarity. There is a chance for the unboxed item to come in a mythical variant. Potential mythical effects for a mythical item variant include Bubbling, Burning, Confetti, Cosmic, Electric, Energized, Freezing, Glitched, Lovely, Melting, Meta, Musical, Radioactive, Shiny, Steampunk, and Wealthy.


The Arms Shipment Mystery Box was originally available as a random playtime drop. However, it has since been retired from the playtime drop pool.

List of contents

Icon Name % chance
Teklowvka 1360 Blackwidow 148.png
Blackwidow Teklowvka ~8.33%
Fury 1364 Chamsai 1024x1024 43.png
Chamsai Hell's Fury ~8.33%
Nightraider 1377 Corrosive 1024x1024 20.png
Corrosive Nightraider ~8.33%
Fusilaut 1375 Formal 145.png
Formal Fusilaut ~8.33%
Card 1379 Mosaic 1024x1024 45.png
Mosaic Calling Card ~8.33%
Vonya 1366 Nightfall 160.png
Nightfall Vonya ~8.33%
Augewehr 1362 Silver 161.png
Silvered Augewehr ~8.33%
Ekho 1382 Tiger 1024x1024 18.png
Tiger Ekho ~8.33%
Bulldog 1369 XRay 149.png
X-ray Bulldog ~8.33%
Card 1379 Aces 147.png
Aces High Calling Card ~6.67%
Nightraider 1377 Bodycount 153.png
Bodycount Nightraider ~6.67%
Augewehr 1362 Lavaflow 151.png
Lavaflow Augewehr ~6.67%
Fury 1364 Dragonmaw 146.png
Beastmaw Hell's Fury 2.5%
Ekho 1382 Darkheart 162.png
Darkheart Ekho 2.5%
Mythical star.png
Mythical variant 3%