Shadowstalker Mk. II

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Shadowstalker Mk. II
ShadowstalkerMk2 1441.png
Prototype railgun chambered in Shadowstalker Mk. II ammunition.
Context typeMythical Ranged Weapon
SizePrimary slot: 10 slots (5 × 2)
Firing modes
  • Safety
  • Semi
Rate of fire187.8 RPM (3.13 RPS)
Quality0% degrade chance
  • Grip
  • Sight
  • Tactical
  • Shadowstalker Mk. II Scope
Starting ammo20 rounds
Shake𝘟-axis: -0.005 to 0.005
𝘠-axis: 0.005 to -0.005
𝘡-axis: -0.05 to -0.1
Internal ID: 1441

The Shadowstalker Mk. II is an experimental railgun in Unturned, and it is chambered in Shadowstalker Mk. II ammunition. It takes up ten slots in the inventory, and can be equipped in the primary weapon slot. By default, it spawns with the Shadowstalker Mk. II Scope and a Shadowstalker Mk. II Drum attached. Acceptable hook attachments and magazines must have a caliber ID of 38.

Unlike most weapons, the Shadowstalker Mk. II does not suffer quality loss. It will always remain at max quality, regardless of the number of shots fired. Additionally, there is no bullet drop on fired projectiles.

Its magazine adds additional explosive damage to the shots fired. The magazine, tracers, and explosive effects give off a bright red color.


The Shadowstalker Mk. II is obtained at the end of the Mk. II puzzle on Russia.

Damage and advanced ballistics

Damage values
n/a Player Zombie Animal
Head 55 ~82 55
Torso 40 45 40
Arm 30 ~22 30
Leg 30 ~22
Construct damage
Barricade Structure Vehicle Resource
25 25 100 100
Object Invulnerability negation
125 Bypasses invulnerability.
Advanced ballistics
Action mechanism Trigger
Maximum range 300 m
Ballistics projectile
ADS spread 0.0057°
Hip-fire spread 5.7106°
Ballistic step 24 m
Ballistic travel 12.5
Gravity multiplier ×0


Category Inputs Tools Skills Outputs
Tools Shadowstalker Mk. II
Wrench icon wht.png
Skill icon wht.png
Arrow rightwards wht.png
Metal Scrap (8)

Related achievements

Achievement icon Mk. II.jpg
  • Mk. II


  • It is the only Mythical rarity ranged weapon in the game.
  • It is one of the few entirely fictional weapons in the game.
    • Railgun technology exists in the real world, but such weapons are not man-portable and are primarily limited to stationary and vehicle-mounted configurations.
  • It is one of only two weapons with zero ballistic drop, the other being the Shadowstalker.