Military Fragmentation Magazine

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Military Fragmentation Magazine
Military Explosive 20 1200.png
Low caliber military grade fragmentation magazine. Designed to fit 20 rounds.
Context typeLegendary Magazine Attachment
Size2 slots (1 × 2)
Capacity20 rounds (spawns with 5‒15 rounds), deleted when empty
Bullet spread1.15 × multiplier
Internal ID: 1200

The Military Fragmentation Magazine is a magazine attachment in Unturned. It takes up two slots in the inventory, and has a maximum capacity of twenty rounds. It cannot be refilled by any ammunition crate, and once it runs out of ammunition the magazine is deleted. Compatible ranged weapons must have a caliber ID of 1.

Bullets fired from the magazine will explode on contact, damaging anything caught within a small area-of-effect. However, bullet spread is increased by 15% and the magazine holds slightly less ammunition than a standard Military Magazine.


Military Fragmentation Magazines can rarely spawn at military locations on the PEI, Washington, and Germany maps. In Russia it can only be obtained at ranger locations.


Damage values
Explosion Player Zombie Animal
3 m radius
5 10 10
Construct damage
Barricade Structure Vehicle Resource
5 5 15 50
Object Invulnerability negation
15 Bypasses invulnerability.


Category Inputs Tools Skills Outputs
Ammunition Military Fragmentation Magazine (amount1) + Military Fragmentation Magazine (amount2)
Wrench icon wht.png
Skill icon wht.png
Arrow rightwards wht.png
Military Fragmentation Magazine (amount1+2)