September 27, 2014 patch

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Patch notes

Game version is now


  • Added single-player into Unturned version 3.
  • Added default settings to new maps.
  • Added invisible barriers around the Devtest map.
  • Added random scaling to resources.
  • Added icons to level buttons.
  • Added filters for passworded and dedicated servers.
  • Added ping info to in-game server list.


  • Improved the way that clouds are drawn.
  • Split apart road and path savedata.


  • Increased maximum player fall speed.
  • Increased spawn rate of all items on Devtest map.
  • Increased foliage quality on high and reduced quality on low.
  • Increased physical recoil on AR32.
  • Temporarily reduced max players to 24.
  • Temporarily disabled water.


  • Fixed server filters in-game to use 100% master server.
  • Fixed black texture borders around the Devtest map.
  • Fixed connecting to dot decimal notation IPs outside of the game.
  • Fixed IP field to accept only 4 bytes.
  • Fixed crashes with connect button.
  • Fixed major rubberbanding, some fixes still needed.
  • Fixed spawning in levels with no player spawn points.
  • Fixed item drag offset when scrolled down.