Horde Beacon

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Horde Beacon
Beacon 1194.png
Emits signals that draw in a zombie horde.
Context typeLegendary Beacon
Size4 slots (2 × 2)
Buildable typeBeacon
Health80 health
Placement range4 meters
Horde size100 zombies
Rewards7 items
UnpickupableCannot be salvaged after being placed.
Internal ID: 1194

The Horde Beacon is a type of beacon in Unturned. Upon placing the beacon in an area where zombies can spawn, the beacon will begin attracting all the zombies in the area towards itself. Zombies attracted to the Horde Beacon will have additional health, and deal additional damage. The last zombie spawned will always be a Mega Zombie. If the player kills the required number of zombies while also defending the beacon, then the beacon will self-destruct into a loot pile.


It can be crafted on most maps. It cannot be obtained on the Yukon map, due to the map lacking the necessary supplies that are needed to craft the Horde Beacon.


The player must kill one hundred zombies in order to complete the Horde Beacon. Each zombie has 1.5 times their normal health. Upon the player's success, they will receive seven items. However, various aspects of the beacon will scale depending on the number of players initially present in the area when the beacon is first placed.

Zombie health scales linearly. An equivalent formula for this difficulty scaling would be (Initial Participants) × 1.5. Note that any zombie that is attracted to the beacon will be affected by the difficulty scaling, including the Mega Zombie guaranteed to spawn at the end of the event.


The number of rewards dropped increases with the number of players. However, this scaling will very quickly have diminishing returns. Furthermore, rewards can be capped or multiplied based on the server's configuration settings. Assuming that the max number of participants is uncapped, and that the server is neither limiting the max number of rewards from a beacon, nor multiplying the final reward amount, an equivalent formula would be 7 * sqrt(Initial Participants).

Item % Chance
High Caliber Military Ammunition Crate 5.65%
Nykorev Box 5.65%
Ranger Drum 5.65%
Dragonfang Box 5.65%
Desert Falcon Magazine 5.65%
Military Drum 5.65%
Nykorev 5.65%
Fragmentation Grenade 5.65%
Devil's Bane Magazine 5.65%
Devil's Bane 5.65%
Desert Falcon 5.65%
Dragonfang 5.65%
High Caliber Ranger Ammunition Box 5.65%
Ekho 2.82%
Grizzly 2.82%
Matamorez 2.82%
Ekho Magazine 2.82%
Grizzly Magazine 2.82%
PDW 2.82%
Timberwolf Magazine 2.82%
Timberwolf 2.82%
Matamorez Magazine 2.82%
Hell's Fury 0.56%
Hell's Fury Drum 0.56%


Category Inputs Tools Skills Outputs
Utilities Metal Sheet (6) + Metal Bar (6) + Raw Explosives (2) + Chemicals (2) + Detonator
Wrench icon wht.png
Skill icon wht.png
Crafting III
Arrow rightwards wht.png
Horde Beacon