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Unturned II
Unturned II Private Beta main menu.png
DevelopersSmartly Dressed Games
PublishersSmartly Dressed Games
EngineUnreal Engine
PlatformsMicrosoft Windows, Linux

Unturned II was an upcoming, free-to-play survival game being developed by Smartly Dressed Games. It would have been a sequel to Unturned, and set in a similarly post-apocalyptic world. The game was being developed in Unreal Engine 4, and would have been available on Steam for Windows, Linux, and macOS devices.[1] The game's development was indefinitely paused on May 11, 2022.

As a sequel, the Unturned II would have featured a more detailed art style, new or returning content, and more complex game mechanics. Although development was paused, some of the plans for the game have been implemented into Unturned instead.

Private beta

Unturned II was first available through a private, early demo called the "Vehicle Demo". This demo was released to select groups of people on October 24, 2018. It included three identical Hatchbacks, and a small test environment for players to drive around on. Aside from showcasing vehicle mechanics, the demo also included a very basic implementation of seasons. To start, only a couple dozen people had access to this demo build.

More product keys were distributed the following week on November 2, 2018. This was coined as a "Wave One" distribution of Steam product keys, and were primarily given out to active community members on the official game forums. Over 100 products keys were given out by this time, and a second wave of product keys would be distributed on May 3, 2019.

On July 19 of that same year, any Unturned players with at least 2,400 hours of playtime were eligible. This requirement was originally tied to owning the Experienced Beret cosmetic item (which was awarded to players with 2,400 hours of playtime), but was replaced by the Invitation item instead when the number of hours required started being reduced. By the time development was indefinitely paused, the requirement had been reduced to 1,200 hours.


An isolated blue Hatchback.

Introduced in the initial demo was the Hatchback, a blue compact car bearing a resemblance to a tenth-generation Honda Civic hatchback. The Hatchback utilized a front-wheel drive system, although future vehicles may have utilized rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. It had a capacity of four people – one driver, and three passengers. The Hatchback's rear license plate read "BP40J".

Compared to the vehicles in Unturned at the time, the Hatchback was both more detailed, and utilized more realistic vehicle handling. In addition to features available to vehicles in the game's predecessor, the Hatchback also featured car keys for unlocking car doors, ignition, turn signals and other lights for various actions, low and high beams, and breakable windows that could be rolled up and down. Vehicles would be put into a state of pressurization when all of the windows were closed, which changed how outdoor audio was heard by the vehicle's passengers. With dual wielding and free look mechanics, players were able to both steer and operate items (such as firearms) at the same time. Players could also stand atop moving vehicles and share their momentum, due to entity hierarchy movement.


The private beta included five weapons, including: the Eaglefire, 7.62×51mm Firing Range Gun, Pistol, Brass Knuckles, and Fire Axe. Although the melee attacks performed by players and zombies were also programmed as individual weapons too. While melee weapons in Unturned were hitscan, in Unturned II they had to physically make contact with the target at some point during the swing – this allowed for hitting multiple enemies at once, or some weapons like the Fire Axe could harm enemies at multiple points during the swing.

Although not fully implemented, players were provided more options in customizing their weapons in the private beta. Unlike Unturned where the base weapon is fairly unchangeable, weapons in Unturned II could be stripped down to their receiver. Attachments could be separated into one of two groups: modular components, and rail attachments. Modular components consisted of parts attached directly to the gun's receiver, such as barrels, handguards, and stocks. Ghillie netting could be attached to these components to mask the firearm in foliage.

Rail attachments were similar to the attachment system in Unturned, although different attachments were compatible with different types of rail systems (such as Picatinny or Weaver). Some attachments would add additional rails to a firearm, such as the Canted Picatinny Mount attachment. Due to these attachments determining compatibility based on rail systems, there were far fewer restrictions on both the type and number of attachments that could be equipped to a weapon. Firearms also had less restrictions when handling ammunition, as Unturned II utilized a more realistic caliber system. Ammunition could also be manually sorted in magazines, or removed entirely and placed into stacks by themselves or in various ammunition containers.

Planned content


An assortment of new items, item types, and game mechanics were planned for Unturned II. Many of these new mechanics would have been visible through more comprehensive item and character inspect menus, and may have been split between a simplified interface with the most important information and an advanced interface with every ability stat.[2][3] These menus may have included graphs or other visuals to assist in visualizing some information, such as recoil patterns or damage drop-off.[4] Although similar items in Unturned were all considered unique items internally, in Unturned II this was replaced with a more optimized system to facilitate slight variations. For example, holographic sights had reticle variation where the color of the sight may differ. This would have also allowed for different reticle shapes,[5] or painting items,[2] and would have been utilized by other item types such as clothing. Players may have been able to throw any item from their hand.[6]

An unreleased weapon named the "Facekick" would have used 12-gauge shells, and was based on the Remington Model 870 shotgun.[7]

Some of the features planned or considered for the game's combat systems would have been major changes from Unturned, such as bullets being able to penetrate limbs blocking a player's head,[8] helmets being knocked off from headshots or players being downed but revivable, quick reloads that drop the magazine,[9] and zeroing or adjustable scope zoom.[10] Tiered ammunition—such as craftable 5.56 mm bullets, military-grade 5.56 mm bullets, FMJ bullets with high armor penetration, and tracers—would also behave differently depending on the target's armor or the surface being shot at.[11] Weapons would also no longer share the same crosshair, and firearms would have had unique recoil patterns affected by bullet spread and recovery.[12][13] Melee weapons would have also been revised, potentially allowing for any ranged weapon to perform a gun butt melee attack, or allowing melee weapons to block certain attacks.[14] Although weapons already had some unique animations in the private beta, smaller details such as muzzle smoke or animated fire selector levers would have also been implemented.[15][16]

Although not added to the private beta, a future update would have added more weapons and attachments including: a knife, STANAG suppressor for 5.56x45 mm firearms, angled foregrip, makeshift gun stocks, infrared scopes or goggles, front and rear iron sights for the Eaglefire, and revolver.[17][18][19] Some firearms like the Eaglefire may have had different receiver models as well, such as a semi-automatic Eaglefire variant.[20][21] With all of the new components for guns, some of these may have potentially required maintenance. The attachment system could have also expanded to other item types, such as needing to place bait on a fishing rod or add fuel to a chainsaw.[20]

Base building was intended to be more important in Unturned II, and would have elements more directly tied to the game's in-depth crafting system. Players would need to build certain machinery and devices for crafting, and would have had a crafting queue.[22] Bases would have been built using a single "master building tool" rather than individual, tedious, placeable items.[23] Although Unturned II is no longer in active development, a feature similar to this was added into Unturned as the Housing Planner. A more intricate building system could have also accommodated more modular or freeform trap systems; allow for wiring energy sources, switches, and machinery together; and pipes or conveyor belts for storing things inside containers or loading mounted turrets.[24][25] Other types of placeables may have seen expanded functionality as well, such as laying in beds or adding locks to doors that could be broken down with battering rams.[26]

Fire would have been greatly revamped compared to Unturned, needing a fuel source and catching other objects on fire as it spreads across flammable surfaces. These fires would have been extinguishable.[27] These fires would have been extinguishable, or players could create improvised Molotov cocktails that could be thrown to spread fire.[28]


An early design for the game's inventory menu and expanded clothing system. Several unreleased clothing items can be seen.

Unturned II would have had an expanded clothing system, with visible equip slots as part of the inventory interface and new clothing types.[29] In addition to the clothing in the private beta, players would also have been able to wear masks, belts, bracelets, glasses, slings, necklaces, and overcoats.[30] Clothing would also support having different patterns or color states, with the specific options depending on the item. This feature was called "textile variation". For example: black, blue, burgundy, light wash, forest green, green, or white color states; and camouflage, checkered, plaid, denim, or leather patterns. [31] New clothing items would have included a blue baseball cap, leather belt, pistol holster, watch, rectangular glasses, quiver, dog tags, hoodie, military boots, military pants, military shirt, and military helmet. More clothing attachments, or hybrid items that could be either worn or attached to another clothing item, could have been added as well. For example, night vision goggles that would be attachable to helmets.[2]

Icon of the Quiver.

Certain clothing items would have only allowed for storing specific item types, such as handguns in the pistol holster or arrows in the quiver,[32] or would have enabled other unique interactions like reloading using items from vest slots. [33]


Due to the game's early development, monetization was rarely discussed. However, the idea for a one-time purchase or recurring subscription for access to official servers was mentioned a few times, and player interest in Steam Economy integration was acknowledged.[34][35][36] Official servers would have provided a vanilla experience and allowed players to transfer their progress to other official servers. Players would have still been able to host their own multiplayer servers, and there may have been an official subscription-based server hosting service where players could create their own Unturned servers that would be hosted by Smartly Dressed Games.[2]

Steam integration would have been used for various multiplayer features, such as matchmaking or gaining authentication into official servers, lobbying with other players, and more information about the mods being downloaded from the server.[37][38][39] Improved support for Steam Screenshots could have marked visible players in tags.[40] Replays were also planned for both single-player and multiplayer servers, which could have been viewable in-game and uploadable to the Steam Workshop.[41]

There may have been more multiplayer-focused game mechanics as well. For example—being able to trade with other players through a dedicated user interface, being able to play as an animal when joining a multiplayer server, blood dripping from bleeding players, and being able to interact with a surrendered player's inventory—were all considered at one point during development.[11][42][43]


It was planned for Unturned II to have a more coherent story, and excursions would have fit into the game's backstory.[44] Pitched as a new form of replayable gameplay content, players would enter the alternate reality the Turned originated from, ending up in some of the numerous frontier fortified complexes, now dark and overgrown. Players would have to enter, loot, and extract as quickly as possible. This alternate reality was described as "similar to the Upside Down in Stranger Things" and would be "impossible for players to survive [in] for a long time".[45]

The game may have had a "Story" game mode with multiplayer support. This would have taken advantage of game mechanics and had different endings,[46], or may have played similar to campaigns in Left 4 Dead.[2] Modders would have been able to create custom story campaigns, or other custom game modes like "Deathmatch".[47]

In the normal survival mode, most of the game's story would likely have been told through interactions with NPCs. Friendly NPCs would have had daily routines, dialogue when interacted with, and could have provide services or give quests.[48] One iteration of the game's story could have included the fictional city of Pineridge.


Unturned II was often described as being survival-focused. A large number of features were planned to visually improve the game's environments, allow for more environmental interactions within the world, and make a player's status bars more engaging.

Maps would have distinct biomes, and would have changed throughout the seasons.[49] Different types of weather could occur depending on the season, and temperature may have been tied to weather effects rather than an arbitrary temperature value.[50] The day-night cycle would also be changed from Unturned, with the level of darkness at night being based on the moon cycle, and players possibly being able to sleep through the night.[51] Some weather types would have included rainstorms, fog, lightning storms, and blizzards.[52]

Rainy weather would have formed puddles, caused rainwater to drip from surfaces, affected vehicle handling, and allowed players to collect rainwater.[50] Lightning may have possibly drained the car batteries of struck vehicles as well.[53] Snowy weather would have caused snow to build up on the ground, icicles would form, water would freeze over but still allow for fishing, and frost would appear on certain surfaces.[54] Snow could have also been collected as snowballs and melted down for water if not kept in a freezer.[49] Water would have been more visually dynamic, with splashes caused by physics objects or wake from moving objects, and there could have been edge foam and a visible wetness across the shoreline. Traversing through water or standing in rain may have caused items to enter a "wet" state, although the specifics of this were undetermined.[55] Unlike in Unturned, prolonged swimming or diving may have required stamina.

To help differentiate the "water" and "food" status bars, a nutrition system was considered. This could have taken various vitamins and other nutrients into account.[56] To help with this, players would have been able to consume food in portions.[57] Water would have also been acquirable in more ways, such as scavenging for dirty water from bathroom props.[58] Farming could have been more involved as well, with new game mechanics including watering plants – either manually or by building an automated water system with pipes and sprinklers.[59] Some of the new plants may have been useable as dyes for clothing or other things.[11] New mechanics could have caused animals to yield less meat depending on the weapon, and have to be skinned and gutted for their resources.[60] There may have been aquatic sea life[55], or mountable animals such as horses.[61]

Players would have had more movement options available to them, including: sliding, dive rolls, diving, vaulting over chest-high obstacles, climbing onto ledges, possibly grabbing objects while falling, and sliding down ladders. A player's speed could have been influenced by their skills.[62][63] The skill system for Unturned II was only mentioned a few times during development. It was planned for "skill buffs [to be] earned based on your actions rather than [experience] points", although it may have retained some semblance of traditional experience-based levelling to communicate this progress to the player. The skill tree may have also been much larger than Unturned, with branching paths similar to games like Path of Exile.[64] Other forces may have been able to impact players as well, such as explosions pushing players or adrenaline temporarily boosting movement speed.[65][66]

The primary antagonist of Unturned II were the Turned. Unlike the zombies in Unturned, these creatures utilize a more organic design with similarly very dark, organic mutations. Growths would appear on ruined buildings, which Turned could be spawned from. Although the private beta only included an early iteration of a common zombie, one possible enemy type could have been "ceiling-mounted grapplers", or Turned versions of players that still have their gear from when they died.[67]


There were many features planned for vehicles beyond what was available in the private beta. Notably, customization would have been expanded upon to allow for removing license plates,[61] painting custom designs onto vehicles with stencils,[68]. Snow would also have more visual interactions with vehicles. Snow would appear in tire grooves, and players would be able to swap out tires (e.g., for snow tires).[49]

Many new animations and other visual effects were planned for vehicles. Windshield wipers would have been usable, such as for improving visibility during heavy rain storms. Switching seats and other interactions would have proper animations, and certain actions may have only been available depending on the player's position in the vehicle. Vehicle interiors would include visible fuel gauges as part of their heads-up display, physical buttons for enabling hazard lights, the ability to tune the radio, and interior car lights. Vehicles would have also been hot-wirable, tires would be breakable, car alarms would have attracted enemies, and trunks would have been openable with visible storage. Players would also be able to use open seats for additional storage.[69][49]

New vehicles and vehicle types were planned compared to Unturned at the time. Some vehicles like bicycles may have been stamina-powered, fancier cars may have utilized different types of windshields such as fully-black rear windows, 4×4 trucks would have good suspension and be better suited for off-roading than the Hatchback, larger vehicles like RVs could have an explorable interior, and aquatic vehicles may have included submarines.[49]


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