Military Nightvision Scope

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Military Nightvision Scope
Nightvision Military Scope 1201.png
Rail mounted 6x zoom nightvision scope.
Context typeLegendary Sight Attachment
Size2 slots (2 × 1)
VisionMilitary-grade night vision
Magnification6× magnification
ADS spread0.8 multiplier
Internal ID: 1201

The Military Nightvision Scope is a telescopic sight attachment in Unturned. It is a mid-range scope with three illuminated and evenly-spaced yellow crosses going from the bottom to the center of the reticle, with an open diamond of markings around the topmost cross. The scope provides 6× magnification, and military-grade night vision. Unlike other forms of Nightvision it does not emit any light visible to other players allowing you to be stealthier. The markings along the reticle can be used to compensate for projectile drop, but projectile drop is not the same between all firearms. When aiming down the scope, projectile spread is reduced by 20%.

It can be attached to any ranged weapon with a sight attachment hook.


The scope can be found at most high-end military locations.